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New Beginnings after Cape Maid Farms

Recently we’ve all understood that after 30+ years of outstanding customer service in the pet food and supplies industry, Cape Maid Farms has closed its doors. While we’re saddened that such a staple in the industry has ended, we’re more than willing to help you transition and fulfill all of your pet’s needs. We are now offering all the brands of dog & cat foods that they offered as well as your small animal needs. Luckily the staff at Cape Maid has helped us bring in crickets and feeder mice/rats and hopefully in the near future small animals as well. We are also excited to announce that Kim from Cape Maid will be joining our team as well with her extensive experience with small animals and reptiles, we’ll be excited to see our small animal section grow. If we don’t have what your looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask us and we can order it for you!


2nd cut Canadian is in!

We have beautiful grassy 2nd cut Canadian from this year available! We have one load that is a timothy grass mixture and the other is an alfalfa/timothy mixture. Each bales weights 40-45lbs and pricing for pick up is $9.75 for pick up and $9.99 for delivery. We do offer bulk deals with hay deliveries as well! Please call the store with any delivery questions!


Paper Bagged Shavings available!

We have good quality paper bagged shavings available now. The price is $5.85 for pick up and $6.10 for delivery! We also still have available both choices of Top Bedding!


Straw for Sale! $7.75 for pick up only! Call for Delivery Pricing!

On Sale!


Chicks & Ducks Are Coming!

August 17th

Barred Rock

Easter Eggers

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