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Spray - Wrap -Soak

Introducing Draw it Out, the ultimate solution for pain management and reducing inflammation in horses. Our original concentrate formula can be mixed at any ratio, the stronger you mix, the faster it will work. This deep penetrating formula can be used as a soak, poultice, or general body spray, making it versatile and effective for a range of horse health issues.

Our formula is a proprietary mineral blend based around an Epsom salt profile, creating a dynamic horse health product that is ultra cost-effective. It can be used before, during, and after events or training, making it a must-have for any horse owner.

For general maintenance, a 70/30 (Water/Draw it Out) mix is recommended and for injuries, a 50/50 mix is usually best. The general rule is the stronger you mix the concentrate, the faster it will work. It can be used at 100% for severe injuries.

This version is also great on abscesses, and using it as a spray is also great for large area applications like shoulders, backs, and hips. It can be used after events to alleviate issues already seen. Draw it Out can also be used as a leg wrap, by applying directly to the leg via spray or soaking no bows or polo wraps in a mixed solution and wrapping. Keep the wraps moist as long as they are applied and can be left on for long periods of time without burning or blistering.

Choose Draw it Out for a deep penetrating formula that utilizes minerals known to be effective in pain management and reducing inflammation in horses. Improve your horse's health and performance with Draw it Out today.

Gain Piece of Mind

Maximize Equine Performance with Draw it Out Concentrate: Your Go-To Solution for Horse Care"

Enhance your horse's comfort and readiness for competition with Draw it Out Concentrate. This meticulously formulated product is crafted to support your equine athlete quickly, easily, and effectively, both during events and in training. Use Draw it Out under pads, boots, and wraps to ensure your horse is comfortable and primed for peak performance.

Why Choose Draw it Out Concentrate?

Event-Ready: Ideal for keeping your horse at their best during competitions and training sessions.
Comfort and Care: Perfect for use under equipment, providing comfort without interfering with performance.
No-Rinse Convenience: Eliminates the need for pre-competition wash rack trips, saving you time and effort.
Ease of Use: Simple application process that integrates seamlessly into your pre-event routine.
Draw it Out Concentrate is the answer for equestrians seeking a no-fuss, effective way to prepare their horses for every run. Its unique formula ensures your horse's comfort and readiness, allowing you to focus on achieving top performance. Try it today and experience the difference in your equine athlete's performance and well-being.

Save Time

Save Time with Draw it Out Concentrate: No-Rinse, Stain-Free Solution for Your Horse"

Streamline your horse care routine with Draw it Out Concentrate. Designed for the modern equestrian, this product eliminates the need for time-consuming wash rack visits. Say goodbye to the hassle of removing smelly, staining liniments and embrace the convenience of a no-rinse formula.

Save Money

Enhance Your Horse Care Budget with Draw it Out Concentrate: Versatile & Cost-Effective Solution"

Experience the economic efficiency of Draw it Out Concentrate, designed to offer a versatile solution for your horse care needs. This single bottle boasts hundreds of uses, providing a cost-effective and multi-purpose approach to maintaining your horse's health and comfort. 


Maximize Benefits with Draw it Out Concentrate: Optimal Mixing Guidelines for Effective Application"

Ensure the best care for your horse with Draw it Out Concentrate by following our simple yet crucial mixing instructions. Proper preparation of the solution is key to maximizing its effectiveness for your horse's needs.

Shake Well Before Using

Normal Mixture (For General Use):

Mix 30% Draw it Out Concentrate with 70% water.
Use cold water if addressing an injury within 2-3 hours; use hot/warm water for later applications.
Enhanced Mixture (For Intensive Care):

Combine 50% Draw it Out Concentrate with 50% water.
Follow the same temperature guidelines as above based on the timing of the injury.
Application Instructions:

Soak a wrap in your chosen mixture.
Wrap the affected areas, ensuring the wrap remains moist.
Keep the wrap moist by using the remaining mixture with a spray bottle or syringe.
Recommended application time for optimal results: 36-48 hours.
Adhering to these guidelines helps ensure that you are using Draw it Out Concentrate in the most effective way, providing optimal support and relief for your horse's needs. Whether it's for general maintenance or more intensive care, Draw it Out Concentrate is a versatile and essential addition to your horse care toolkit. 

Why Draw it Out Spray

Choose Draw It Out® for a Safe and Effective Solution for Your Horse

As a horse owner, you want the best for your equine partner. Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 32oz Concentrate is the solution you've been looking for. Made from over 170 different minerals, our proprietary blend offers deep penetration and effective pain relief, making it the perfect choice for horse owners who want to keep their equine partners healthy and performing at their best.

The Benefits of Choosing Draw It Out®

Safe and natural: Our liniment is 100% safe and won't harm your horse if accidentally ingested, making it the perfect choice for horses with sensitive skin.

Effective pain relief: Our mineral-based formula is designed to address issues like inflammation, discomfort, and pain, helping to bring your horse back after injury and get ready for competition.

Harsh chemical-free ingredients: Draw It Out® is formulated with specially selected, harsh chemical-free ingredients, making it a safe and natural solution for your horse.

Worry-free: Our liniment is designed to be used daily without fear or worry, making it the perfect choice for horse owners who want to keep their horses healthy and performing at their best.

No mess, just results: Our high-potency gel formula is odorless and colorless, making it the no-mess alternative to many pain relief topical analgesic gel products.

Choose Draw It Out® Horse Liniment 32oz Concentrate for a safe, effective, and worry-free solution for your horse. Experience the benefits of our proprietary blend and give your equine partner the care they deserve.

Draw it Out® Mineral Blend

Improve your horse's well-being with Draw it Out's proprietary trace mineral blend. Comprising over 170 different minerals, each selected for their natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, this unique equine pain management solution is like nothing else on the market. No mess, just results: With a high potency gel formula that's 125% stronger than the concentrate, this odorless and colorless horse cream is a mess-free alternative to traditional pain relief products. Safe and natural: 100% safe for both you and your horse, this liniment is perfect for sensitive skinned equine partners. Plus, if accidentally ingested, it won't cause any harm. Bring your equine partner back: Reduce inflammation and pain in ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles with this veterinary liniment gel. It's perfect for use before, during, and after training or performance to bring your horse back after injury and keep them at their best. Harsh chemical-free ingredients: Our formula is a proprietary mineral blend based on an Epsom salt profile, made with specially selected ingredients in compliance with FEI regulatory lists. Worry-free: Use this formula daily without fear or worry. It stays where you put it and can be used under pads, boots, wraps, and other therapeutic products. Keep your equine partner performing at their highest level with Draw it Out's holistic, deep-penetrating, mineral-based formula. 

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Sodium Chloride Magnesium, Sulfate, Potassium and DiO Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend.

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