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New Products In-Store - Kensington Equine Products!
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We have NEW PRODUCTS from Kensington just in time for Show Season AND Fly Season, too!

Here's a sample!

Fly Masks - Protection from flies, gnats, sun, and more - perfect for seasonal or year round use!

USA-made, 1000 x 2000 denier fabric hails from Alabama and is specially formulated to withstand

fading, fire, mildew, soiling, and wear and tear, even in the most extreme weather conditions. 

Fly Boots - Stop the stomp - and the associated foot and leg issues - with our Fly Boots!

Provides coverage to the sensitive lower legs from pests, as well as providing sun protection, particularly

to white legged horses. By reducing pest-related agitation, these boots also reduce lost shoes,

hoof cracks, or minor lameness due to stomping.

Halters - You don't have to sacrifice fashion for function any longer! Below the buckle on the crown

lies the breakaway fuse - a thin piece of leather that will break under pressure, sparing your horse

from potentially severe injuries. Our USA made, Alabama-sourced material overlays the nose and

cheeks - adding durability to these wear zones as well as a touch of color and flair.

Grooming Totes - Removable plastic bottom gives the tote structure while making it easy to clean, or you can use it without it, too. Obviously great as a grooming bag, this tote also is perfect for organizing bathing essentials, as a ringside bag at shows, or even for first aid supplies. 

Stop by the store and check out these super useful and quality products - there's more to see!